Full Version: Rust Vanilla Changelog 03/07/2018
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  • Changed server.description: 
         "Last wipe: 07/02 \n
         Next wipe: Forced \n
         Map wipes every week. \n
         Full wipes every 2 weeks. \n
         Decay is off. \n
         World size: 2500  \n
         Discord:  \n
         Rules: \n
         1.No cheating \n
         2.Max group is 3 in house and outside(offline and online) \n
         3.Allies are allowed only to prevent fighting outside of raids,battles,etc. \n
         4.No switching groups to exploit group limit \n
         5.No teaming up with other groups  \n
         6.Respect other players \n
         7.Use English in chat \n
         Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban."
         (added new lines for ease of reading, if using this on server, keep the entire server description in 1 line)
  • Wiped map, kept blueprints, next wipe is forced (July 5th)

  • Server.seed: "53675"