Full Version: Minecraft Earth Goes The Way of the Dodo Bird
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Shes's coming to an end June 2021, thanks to covid.
Is it the new Meincraft? It's very interesting, but I still prefer to play the old one.
Waiting for the final release of this version. I'm getting tired of this pandemic. All I did during this terrible coronavirus infection was work, and right after work, I went home and played on the computer. I was so fed up with Dota and KS that I decided to go back to the old Minecraft.
(07-19-2021, 10:28 AM)victorhodg Wrote: [ -> ]Is it the new Meincraft? It's very interesting, but I still prefer to play the old one.

It was, a phone version that involved augmented reality.. but it required you to go out and explore in real life.
[size=small][font=Arial]When I was a child I used to play minecraft with my friends. It was the best game ever. You could build houses, fight with monsters and develop your imagination or creativity.
That's an interesting topic!
(08-20-2021, 02:36 PM)Tyricores Wrote: [ -> ]That's an interesting topic!
It's a pity that Minecraft Earth got closed. However, we still have many variations of this games copied by some other developers. Minecraft is an incredible game overall. However, some kids get way too emotional about it, and a large part of this game's community is really toxic. I know it's not a problem with the game, but it still has to be solved somehow. By the way, has anyone used cheats in Minecraft? I never understood people who cheat in Minecraft. I understand the ones who cheat in games like Back 4 blood. You can Check This Out and find some great cheats to improve the gameplay.
I download all modifications and mods from the website. There's even something new there. The appearance of the new modification Oreberries Replanted for version 1.18 on the expanse of the game Minecraft will add a new way to extract different ores, not even going down into the bowels of the earth, but simply grow the original berry bushes. This I've already purchased with Minecraft services for the game. There're also servers for logging in from different IPs. Even the creators of mods recommend using them to improve the quality of gameplay and more.
You can use virtual data to avoid encountering information hijacking. That is, instead of using your child's real name or in-game name, Xbox Live allows you to create a completely individual player tag. This means that your child can still have a unique identity that their friends can recognize them with, all without revealing their real identity. I also always use different servers, one of my current servers is minecraft prisons servers. Here you can do anything you want. And because of the constant tension, you can play this server all the time. From personal experience, interest is sure not to go away.
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