Full Version: NMRiH Seattle: Server Changelogs
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Updated SourceMod version to latest stable release
Changed Weapon Menu plugin with new "Weapon Menu Mod" variation of Weapon Menu Plugin
Added More Weapons
Added plugin that will clear out unneeded items (which still needs testing)
Updated Mapchooser, Nominations, Rockthevote, and Nextmap plugins, which now all function properly

Changes soon to come:
Adding more maps
More frequent map rotation when server is empty (plugin?)
Merge all NMRiH servers over to new SourceMod (currently only Seattle has been updated)

These changes and updates may be occurring frequently and very soon, so we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your gaming experience on our servers.

We welcome everyone to come see and feel the difference of our newer server setups, and we encourage everyone to bring any problems with the servers to our awareness. Please report any and all bugs here in this forum. Thank you. We sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. I myself cannot play these games due to hardware limitations, so I am asking that everyone who is concerned please help me run these servers as smoothly as possible.