Full Version: Stranded V1.1 Patch Released
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2/19/16 Stranded v1.1 Server Patch Released
* Removal: Steel class tools and weapons. To be replaced.
* Removal: All morrowind pack weapons, swords. To be replaced.
* Removal: Pointshop2
* Added: Added additional props to spawnlist.
* Added: Pointshop1
* Added: Anti-PK System
* Added: PVP Toggle System. Type !pvp or hit "Toggle PVP" button within your commands listing. Enter server with PVP off by default.
* Added: Gmod Legs 3
* Added: Fallout Death Music
* Added: Build-able Radio with Fallout 3/4 Music.
* Added: Weapon / Item Highlights
* Added: Armor Integrated with HUD Indicator
* Added: Double Jump
* Development: Massive Code Clean-Up
* Development: Bleed-out system.
* Development: Beginning on new medical system, created combi menu & structure build.
* Changes: Updated disconnected deletion time from 5 mins to 1 hour.

Next update expected within the next couple of days. Stay tuned.