Full Version: Murder v1.2 Patch Released
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3/1/16 Murder v1.2 Server Patch Released

* Added: Action Dive (Shift+E+Direction)
* Added: Combat Rolls decrease chance of dmg on long falls. (Look Down + Crouch)
* Added: Enhanced Damage Addon (more realistic damage, falls slow you down)
* Added: Explosion effects more realistic.
* Added: New Weapons For Bystander (Jihad bomb-3 & Nyancat Gun-10) & Murderer (HaloBlade-2 & Glaive-4)
* Added: Maps: ttt_lego, ttt_templar_b2, mu_abandoned, ttt_minecraftcity_v4, gm_neighbourhood. All Maps DO NOT REQUIRE CSS.
* Changed: Props now Super Mario related.
* Changed: Prop pickup noises now Super Mario related.

Next update expected within the next couple of days. Stay tuned.