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Update 1/1/18 - New Year Hotfix Patch - - Snapman - 01-05-2018

  • Fixed proper lag compensation for melee!
  • Bullet penetration will now work properly with the new lag compensation system. (Lag compensates enemies behind solids in which the player can potentially penetrate through)

Players & Skills
  • AFK kick time will be refreshed whenever a player tries to drop or use inventory items, using a keypad, use any of the skill panels, voting and writing in the chat.
  • The firstperson body will no longer play a T-pose anim when you first join the game.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent you from changing the skin/bodygroup of your hands & firstperson body unless if you changed team or changed the actual player model.
  • Fixed weapon pickup issues, you can now pickup weapons through clips, teammates and such. (Fixes weapon pickup issues in Salvage and other maps!)
  • Fixed a potential bug which would allow melee weapons to attack enemies through walls.

Sound & Music
  • FMOD will now be muted if snd_mute_losefocus is set to 1 and the game has no focus or if the game has been paused.

  • Added new HK-MP7 and Machete textures provided by 'El Negro'!


  • The Bandits spawning in the tunnel will respawn a bit faster.
  • Increased zombie spawn frequency for the last round.
  • Fixed nasty lighting in the open spawn room.

Last Stand
  • Moved Sawed-Off into the weapon armory locker.
  • Moved G36C into the weapon armory locker.
  • Removed REX from the weapon armory locker, you can now find the REX outside near the 'cannon'.
  • Fixed invisible windows bug.

Happy new year, folks!
- Reperio Studios