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New 4 Counter-Strike 1.6's servers - Néć[Ř]ø /A/ @ - 09-26-2020

#1 Classic Old School
A classic server with default maps with some few fun new features

#2 Hide and Seek
This is a Counter-Strike 1.6 mod where the hiders (Terrorists) must hide from the seekers (Counter-Terrorists) until the round ends
The teams will swap when the Counter-Terrorists win, or when X rounds have ended
The hiders are equipped with a broken, invisible knife, an HE grenade, two flashbangs, and a smokegrenadeThe seekers are equipped with a knife

#3 Roadrage known as cars server
A server with map that includes vehicles and such where both teams can ride them to kill each other
with also a bhop enabled on this server 

#4 Surf
A completely different style of gameplay where you can surf, this includes semi clip, spawn protector, rules and deathmatch enabled

RE: New 4 Counter-Strike 1.6's servers - FionaSmith - 02-12-2021

When I was in college we used to play CS, I definitely want to play again.

RE: New 4 Counter-Strike 1.6's servers - ChurchillMaris - 02-12-2021

I still play Counter-Strike; it's the best game ever. Besides, it's a game from my childhood. I don't know, maybe I have become sentimental since my son's birth, but when I go to the CS server, it brings the best emotions and memories. And I am sure that if there are teenagers among you who have not played this game, you will understand that this is a real old school when you connect to the CS server. So, if you want to play with me, drop me a line in PM. In the meantime, I recommend that you read the article about the Csgo ranking system to learn more about the best video game of all time.

RE: New 4 Counter-Strike 1.6's servers - SholosCarlok - 11-02-2021

Ooh old school times, I get nostalgic