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Taking a break
What can I say, for months I've been living in ruins of what my life used to be, hoping it would somehow change by itself. 

I figured out that isn't going to happen without making some major changes to myself and how I spend all of my days.

So, I'm doing something i should've done a long time ago, I'm taking a break from all of my online social circles and video games. That means I won't be online on Steam, Discord or Modriot forums. 

I will be gone from July 12th, 16:00 (CEST), until the 1st of September. If you need me to do something, now is the time to ask. 

As for the Sven pvp server, I suggest it should be given to Eternalll to work on, he pitches some great ideas and maps for it from time to time, I'm sure he would love to work on it.

Thank you for reading.

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