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Polling MC Interests
I am wondering, to those who have a minecraft account or have an interest in playing:

What would you like to see most in a Modriot minecraft server?

Very skilled in spigot and plugins, I can easily port most requests to create a server experience enjoyable by all. By default I would lean towards a chill server where if you are looking to play some minecraft and chill, it is possible to do so. Maybe a modified normal vanilla with an economy and some quality-of-life fixes? But I want to hear from you, the community! So let me know, and I will think on it in the coming weeks.

If no response, I will see to it that there is no longer interest in this game, and the server will remain turned off. 

Thank you
[Image: SjY2LoW.png]
There are rather different choices for me:

Skyblock themed or any pack that contains magic AND tech mods at the same time
SkyBlock or normal generation with permission or/and server economy or/and world protection
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