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Thank you.
Alright, hello guys.

I just want to keep everyone up with the latest news about me. 
I recently had a Burn Out and needed to stay in a Hospital for a few days, this is what gave me to know that I can’t live my life any longer like I used to be.
The last few months I almost worked for 260 Hours a Month, not counting the hours I had to do work at home. I had to decide what to do and came to the conclusion to quit gaming to have some time where I can sleep and rest.
Playing on the Computer always has been a big part of my life, I started years ago with CS and COD.
It has been a really tough decision for me to quit it once and for all, I will join the Discord and maybe a server from day to day.
I already sold my Computer and other equipment. I joined Modriot on the 30 of March in 2016, exactly 2 years from now on, I did meet a lot of nice and not so nice people. I really loved MRG and still do it today; a big Reason for that is probably that it always has been a chill community without a lot of drama. I´m going to announce now that I won’t do any moderation work on the forum and community anymore. 
I especially want to thank SwampDog a lot. 
/Thank you a lot for the deep discussions and talks we had, also for all the help and support I got from you, you are a very good Human( you know that!)/
Snapman : I also want to thank you for everything that you did for me and all the chances I got given to do things in our Community( I still fucked up sometimes lol)
Daybreaker : Yeah man, what should I say.. you still call me Sparechicken like in the good old days, you teached me a lot of your skills and I am very thankful for that.
Helmet : you probably don’t read that anyway lol but we still stay in touch via social media, thank you for all the days we spend on the servers.
Effor : you still own me a Beer when I come to Stockholm, I won’t forget that though. Just don’t be a troll all the time ok ? <3
Oh and J-M : thank you for all the Sprays you made for me, I still don’t know how to make them properly
Thank you all for a good time.
I wish you very best of luck on your journeys, hope you stay in contact with ModRiot man. You certainly have my respect serving for 2 years. 260 hours a month is sheer dedication in a job, always here if you need me,


[Image: avatar.jpg] Sven Co-op Admin[Image: avatar.jpg]

Take care of yourself bud, hope to see you around discord whenever your up to it.

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