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- Before changing to a new job/a job that you are unfamiliar with, please read the rules relevant to the specific job (Located at the bottom of the rules list)
- All of the following rules are generalized, any attempt to bend or break the rules will be met with punishment when necessary.
- Provide the staff with evidence if they ask for it. If you cannot, the sit will end.

Before we get started:
Random Deathmatch (RDM) - Killing without legitimate roleplay reasoning - also known as freekilling
Random Baton(RDB) - Tasing without legitimate roleplay reasoning
New Life Rule (NLR) - Do not remember things after death from your past life (this includes job changes)
Fail Roleplay (FailRP) - Roleplay created that is not within the rules and is unrealistic. eg. Protecting a base that does not belong to you or the person you are working for.
Metagame - Mixing your own knowledge (learnt out of character) with your character's knowledge. Ie. Hearing printers (or seeing sparks) or drugs being made and loitering around drug NPCs waiting for drug dealers, etc
Double-dooring - Placing two doors (fading or world) too close (within a meter, or roughly the size of a 1x1 block) to each other.
Random Weapon Check (RWC) - Checking a player for illegal weapons for no reason.

General Rules
  • Be respectful to everyone outside of roleplay interaction.
  • Spamming chat or voice chat will result in being immediately muted or gagged.
  • Staff members have the final say on all rule interpretations.
  • Threats of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Use common sense. If it doesn't seem like a good idea, it's probably not.
  • Do not be a nuisance with props (prop minge, surf, spam, etc.).
  • Players harming your life or property may be killed without warning.
  • You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
  • Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
  • Spawn is outside of roleplay interaction.
    • Therefore you may not steal in spawn. Only exceptions is if whatever situation started, started outside of spawn.
  • Do not mass RDM. Have some sort of roleplay reason to kill. Don't go on a killing spree.
  • Report any exploits you may find immediately to an in-game staff member or the forums.
  • Do not steal during transactions, unless your job allows Stealing.

Raiding / Crime Rules
  • Do not door camp.
  • As a hitman you do not have to advert raids.
  • If you die while defending, you cannot return to your base to defend again. This still applies even after your NLR timer is over.
  • You need to wait 10 minutes before raiding again and 30 minutes for the same base. This does not apply to hitmen.
  • Only jobs that can raid are under Criminals.
  • After dying, if you still have a teammate raiding and you waited 5 minutes, you can return once.
    • Only one person can return and the other raider cannot stall. They must be active during the raid.
  • Do not raid while there is a building sign up.
  • You have to advert all crimes like mugs and raids. This does not apply if you are a hitman.
  • If raiding, you are allowed to kill any third parties but you have to warn them 3 times in advert first.
  • All members of the raid have to advert either Raid or Assist.
  • If any of the raiders break any rules the raid is automatically over and they cannot return to raiding the same base.
  • You cannot spawn in props or cameras when raiding.

Base Rules
  • If you are unsure about if your base follows these rules, staff will be happy to help you out.
  • You are allowed 3 fading doors, however, you are able to place as many as you want for defense.
  • The area you defend from must be 2 blocks wide and tall.
  • When adverting raid you must be near the base, but if you are defending, you can shoot from anywhere that is visible to both you and the raider.
  • Do not prop block.
  • You cannot build over an NPC, public area (unless permission from the mayor), telephone booth, etc..
  • You cannot extend your building into the road if it blocks where people walk
  • KOS signs must be for valid reasons.
    • Some valid reasons include Inside Base, Past KOS Line, Raid Tools Out, Loitering (3 WARNINGS FIRST),
  • KOS signs have to be near YOUR base for them to be valid. They cannot extend into the street.
  • When defending, both parties have to be able to see at least head and torso to
  • You are allowed 1 way props but you cannot shoot through them.
  • If using buttons and fading doors to defend, a sound or change in material has to play or visible for the raider.
  • KOS signs have to be visible with a size of at least 50 and on the front of the base.
  • Building while being raided is not allowed.
  • Any materials used to mislead someone is not allowed. This includes blackout bases, blinding white bases, etc..
  • All props have to be at least nearly completely visible.
  • Every fading door has to have a button or keypad on it.
  • Keypads must hold for at least 3 seconds.
  • You have to have at least one entrance leading to your base at all times. Elevators do not count as an entrance
  • Mega Bases must have an admins permission to be used.
    • Must have at least 5 people, take up 2 buildings, and follow all of the same rules
  • All bases have to be able to fit 2 people side by side
  • Double-Dooring is not allowed

Job/Group Rules
  • Check the job descriptions in-game for more info
  • Hitmen should never kill without a contract, unless in self-defense
  • Citizens should never base with Criminals
  • Going AFK on a limited job will get you kicked
  • Law Enforcement cannot baton people for fun and must have a reason to do so (RDB)
  • Any and all Fun Jobs are not allowed to Raid, Mug, Steal or Base unless said differently in the job description
  • Hitmen can raid without having to advert
  • Random Weapon Checks (RWC) are NOT allowed and they must have a warrant or they give you permission to check them.
  • Mayors cannot make laws that directly go against a server rule

    Banned Bases
    • Parkour Bases
    • Angle Bases
    • Floating Bases
    • Maze Bases
    • Crouch Bases
    • Hanging Bases

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