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Selling CS:GO Skins
Hello everyone! I want to sell my CS:GO skins for real cash at a price a little bit higher than DMarket's instant sale - https://dmarket.com/sell-csgo-skins.

Feel free to send me your offers on Steam.

Items for sale:
  • Talon Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)
  • AK-47 | Vulcan (Factory New)
  • StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Minimal Wear)
  • AWP | Neo-Noir (Factory New)
I think I can helpy you. It's overriding to sell you skins at an appropriate price One day, my friend made a thousand dollars selling CSGO skins on https://skinsmonkey.com/. When he told me that, I was shocked. I can't believe until I had tried. He has a lot of occurrences on CSGO trade sites, and he thinks that this is the best. Now, my friends and I used only this "party line". Price is much better than on other sites, plus you have many opportunities for selling. All in all I can say that you must try is, you won't be disappointed.
Hey, can you contact me because honestly I would buy vulcan and neo-noir from you. I might also be tempted to buy Tiger Tooth but I need to see it first. Have you checked out any CS:GO trading sites? If not, check them out, because you can get a really great price for your skins there - https://globalcsgo.com/csgo-trading-sites/

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