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Increase refresh rate on monitor to 144hz with NVIDIA GFX card when 144hz not showing
Found a pretty good guide on how to set your refresh rate to an amount you know your monitor can handle; when suddenly Windows stops showing all available refresh rates above 60.

This is for NVIDIA cards only.
[Image: SjY2LoW.png]
I did notice this thing as well, but didn't know what to do about it. From my perspective, this should be a game developer mistake, because I tried my monitor in a few different games, and it's working perfectly. And it's not a very expensive one, it's one if the best 144Hz monitors under 200, which is truly amazing. From all the games which I tried on my PC, I had some lags only with this game, and as I see, it's not the monitor issue, the game developers should work on some video optimizations as fast as possible.

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