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Counter-Strike 1.6 || Servers Update 12/07/2020
An update has been released for surf server include : 

  1. Removed Dynamic Sky ( Animated Sky )
  2. Actual fix map restart to 21 minutes instead of 120 minutes 
  3. Added better admin menu EAS instead of AMXMODMENU view more info

An update has been released for HideNSeek server includes : 
  1. Re-enabled physics movements used for newbie players to make their speed little bit higher than usual

An update has been released for Test server includes : ( Trouble in terrorist town currently )
  1. Added Trouble in terrorist town mod
  2. Reduced round time to half ( 3.5 minutes ) instead of 10 minutes
  3. Removed 'scout' weapon for useless damage for TTT Mod
  4. Added 2 new weapons [ Sig SG-552 Command , Clarion 5.56 ( FAMAS ) ]
  5. Added better admin menu EAS instead of AMXMODMENU view more info

An update has been released for Road-Rageserver includes : 
  1. Fixed Bhop speed rates

Old-School : No updates were released ...

Player Counting

According to game tracker, last updated : Monday, December 7, 2020, 2:39 AM  Eastern European Standard Time
Left 4 Dead || Hardcore server 6000+ TOTAL PLAYERS
Counter-Strike 1.6 || HideNSeek 24/7 400+ TOTAL PLAYERS
Counter-Strike 1.6 || Old School 24/7 13000+ TOTAL PLAYERS
Counter-Strike 1.6 || Roadrage 24/7 100+ TOTAL PLAYERS
Counter-Strike 1.6 || Surf Premium 24/7 2900+ TOTAL PLAYERS

Counter-Strike 1.6 || Trouble in Terrorist Town 200+ TOTAL PLAYERS

Overall Players 
More than 23,700+ players joined in our servers ( L4D Server included ) [ Almost 1K new players since last update ]

Bad update..
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Hello @Alisonin & @HillyWelos
Thanks for your opinions, i would appreciate any kind of suggestion about how to make the servers in a better place, I'm sure we would be so much happy to make your gameplay more fair-gaming. Once the servers are online we will release a new better update.


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