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Minecraft Earth Goes The Way of the Dodo Bird
Shes's coming to an end June 2021, thanks to covid.

Is it the new Meincraft? It's very interesting, but I still prefer to play the old one.
Waiting for the final release of this version. I'm getting tired of this pandemic. All I did during this terrible coronavirus infection was work, and right after work, I went home and played on the computer. I was so fed up with Dota and KS that I decided to go back to the old Minecraft.
(07-19-2021, 10:28 AM)victorhodg Wrote: Is it the new Meincraft? It's very interesting, but I still prefer to play the old one.

It was, a phone version that involved augmented reality.. but it required you to go out and explore in real life.
When I was a child I used to play minecraft with my friends. It was the best game ever. You could build houses, fight with monsters and develop your imagination or creativity. When I use to play the Minecraft servers were not the best, because the game was still in progress, and the technology was not as today. Nowadays after a lot of updates the game is greater than any time. You have a lot of new things which were not in the game few years ago. I appreciate the hard work, this team is doing. They made a game that is played by billion of people of any ages.
That's an interesting topic!
(08-20-2021, 02:36 PM)Tyricores Wrote: That's an interesting topic!

As a child, I started playing Minecraft. I think any child grew up with this game. I love that you can develop to build in this game to put the imagination that we have each. I was always on the Minecraft server list and saw where are more online players to play with more, I always play with friends, and I was thinking of the most beautiful memories that I had in an online game. I appreciate what these game creators do; I'm glad that the game still gets different changes after so long. Did you play Minecraft when you were little or didn't have the chance?

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