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No More Room In Hell 2 Steam Page Update
NMRIH2 finally has a published steam store page.

[Image: download-1.png]


Quote:Why Early Access?
“No More Room in Hell 2 is a project of passion and dedication from a team working around the world in their spare time, around their families and careers. Releasing the game through Early Access will allow us to open the game's production and growth to our most dedicated fans as well as providing our team with the means to continue work on the game in a more full-time capacity to see it through to fruition.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“We currently expect No More Room in Hell 2 to remain in the "Early Access" phase for about one year.
While many of our features are complete, our goal is to complete Early Access with additional maps and game modes that will round out the game experience more fully for the Release version of the game.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“It should be known that many of these features are already in some state of production or even completion, and just need more time to be wrapped up for use in the game.

More Optimization: From Day 1 it will be a non-stop effort to bring improvements big and small to boost network performance, frame rates, and more
More Maps: Game launches with Brooklyn Heights and Night of the Living Dead, and additional maps such as Stockades Shopping Mall, National Guard Bureau, Liberty Island and more are planned!
More Weapons: New weapons of all types will be making their way in as the game grows, from firearms to melee to archery to throwables and explosives
More Cosmetics: More variety and options for customizing your Survivor and new ways to unlock various cosmetics
Personal Statistics: Track your statistics and performance as a survivor and watch as you improve your playstyle over time
Survivor Rank: Track your progress and growth as a player and improves matchmaking for a better experience
Survivor Equipment Stash: Craft and store various items that can be brought into the game to increase your chances of survival.
More Map Randomization: Certain map elements and their layouts change each time you play, such as randomizing layouts of a sewer system, locations of power sources, or changing up apartments in a building
Zombie Improvements: Better navigation for Zombies, more realistic movements, more wardrobe randomization, as well as new abilities and behaviors to make them more dangerous
More Achievements: Because who doesn't love achievements?!

Human NPCs: National Guard, Survivalists, and friendly survivors among other unique archetypes of human NPCs, each with their own look, behaviors, and disposition toward player survivors
New Gadgets and Abilities: New ways to interact with the environment, equipment to interact with, and gadgets to aid in your success
Crafting: Find supplies in the world and combine them together to make improvised weapons and gear
Steam Workshop: Create, share, and download user-made content with Steam Workshop
More Game Modes: Extraction Mode is just the core of the game; we have lots of other fun modes and ideas we are excited to explore with you as we add to the game
PvP Gameplay: Part of new game modes means exploring new ideas other than PvE Co-Op, and that includes competitive Player-on-Player survival action
...and many more surprises!

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“The initial Early Access version of No More Room in Hell 2 contains:
8 player co-op with lobbies both private and public, friend invites, and a server browser
Zombie survival gameplay across two very different maps, Brooklyn Heights (New York City) and Night of the Living Dead (Rural Pennsylvania)
Randomized map elements including apartments, building interiors, locked doors, electrical power, barricades, and more
Extraction gamemode: 8 player co-op on large non-linear maps where you must work together to survive and call for rescue
The initial arsenal includes 12 firearms and 8 melee weapons plus a number of items and gadgets for your survival
Dynamic zombie spawning with three zombie archetypes (Runners, Walkers, Shamblers) each with their own unique behavior and traits
Zombie sensory system: the 3 Zombie types react to sound, smell and sight and each has their own strongest sense
Player infection and death: beware the zombie bite!
Casual and Normal difficulty modes with their own slightly different rulesets

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“Our current plan is to ship the game in Early Access at a reasonable entry price and gradually increase the price as we ship new content and features.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“Our Dev team is often very engaged with our community through Steam Community and Discord. We engage in group conversations, one-on-one chats, and regularly throw out questions and polls to the community for feedback. The team is always open to new ideas, we have an official "Ideas and Suggestions" channel for people to throw around their ideas and bounce them off other players as well as the Dev Team. Join us on our Discord: http://discord.gg/nmrih

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