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Counter-Strike 1.6 || Servers Update 4/14/2021
An update has been released for surf server include : 

  1. Disabled Parachute & The fog
  2. Added two maps on maps list ( SURF_SKI_5, SURF_SKI_5_FINAL ) besides SURF_SKI_2
  3. Fixed some commands where it goes different value on map restart/changes
  4. Enabled camper zone timer
Others : 
  • Checked all running plugins and cvars and everything works just fine.
  • Removed unnecessary and junk files aren't needed
  • All game name servers changed to 'ModRiot.com'
  • There are no further updates released for other servers reason : No updates are needed.
  • You may suggest any ideas or fixes anytime
Player Counting

Last updated : Wednesday, April 14, 2021  Eastern European Standard Time

Overall Players 
More than 25,700+ players joined in our servers ( L4D Server included ) [ Almost 2K new players since last update ]

<< Hop into the last update

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