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AMXX Plugin - BrainBread Stats
This plugin will save all of your stats to a MySQL server, which multiple servers can use w/o needing to copy players.lvl.

Created by: JonnyBoy0719
Special thanks: Noname

Tested On
brainbread v1.2 (metamod v1.21p37 + amxmodx 1.8.2)

Server Requirements
  • brainbread
  • amxmodx 1.8x
  • mysqld

Client Commands
/bbhelp - Prints all the available commands on the console
/reset - To reset your skills
/fullreset - To reset your level, skills and experience back to 0 (can't be undone!)
/autoload - Autoloads your points on connection
/loadpoints - To load your points
/bbstats or /version - To show the correction
/top10 - Shows the top10 players
/rank - Shows your rank
/web - Shows webstats url

Server Commands
bb_ranking - This will enable ranking, or simply disable it.
bb_gameinfo - This will enable GameInformation to be overwritten.
bb_filerewrite - This will re-write the player data file if sv_savexp is not on 0
bb_webstats_url - This will display the webstats

How it Works
Simply copy the bb_stats.amxx to your plugins folder and add bb_stats.amxx under configs/plugins.ini file.

Now open configs/sql.cfg and add the new commands:  
bb_host ""
bb_user "root"
bb_pass ""
bb_type "mysql"
bb_dbname "my_database"
bb_table "bb_stats"
bb_rank_table "bb_stats_rank"

Database Setup
Since version 2.6, all the sql is under web/database.sql since the string were to long for AMXX compiler. Simple copy paste it to your PhpMyAdmin,
or any SQL Manager that you have installed, into its query, and hit run. But make sure its inside a database, else it will throw errors!

Make sure you install the web gui on your apache folder (you can find all files under web/ folder) and not copying it to your actual brainbread server!
You also need to make sure to setup the configurations on the config.php.

Web GUI Demo
If you want to see how the Web GUI looks like, you can do so by going to our official BrainBread Stats page for our server!
Demo: Click Here!

PHP Code:
if (Signature)

BrainBread Stats has now been updated to Version 3.1b

This version includes the following:
  • Fixed SQL kills & gametime override exploit
  • Fixed up Level Up sound defines
  • Removed code that was not needed anymore
  • Minor bug fixes
PHP Code:
if (Signature)


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