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Fixing Missing Textures
Many Garrys Mod maps require you have the base game textures from Counter Strike Source installed in order to see various props. If you receive large ERROR signs when paying on certain maps, then you will either need to purchase & install CSS or download the textures direct and install them manually.

[Image: 583df5_4c47acc87a8d47f345a50dfe7ea4e61d.png]
[Image: 583df5_0349c0471d4d59295f56b14522c2f39f.png][Image: 583df5_ab93547a4397557df915d8fac7eb793d.png][Image: 583df5_651984edeecc7e0c168a185a84eeb4c8.png][Image: 583df5_901bc547e08d825485482ee84be56011.png][Image: 583df5_35f1c25175f7ec0fdad9bd049623f735.png][Image: 583df5_fc31c8eec6b7a23bc106e6868346c31b.png]

Collection of All Content Packs: http://kajar9.wix.com/cscheater2#!downloads/chgd

Install this pack of files into the follow directory: garrysmod/addons
Then restart your Garry's Mod client and you should be good to go.

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