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Sven Coop, Half-Life 1 Servers, Egg Hunt - FEB'28
There has been much work done already and a lot more coming. I really have been working on this everyday, and it has been very hard to keep track of all the things going on, especially with the changes that have been made in Sven Coop updates.

I don't want to be testing custom maps on public servers so much, so I set up a private server instead for you guys to enjoy maps that I don't want to test out on the public servers yet! Big Grin All the feedback you give about everything is really helping me to figure out what needs to be done, because it is hard for me to keep up with everything. I also barely play the game on some maps due to my computer's hardware limitations, so all the feedback really does help me figure out what to test out. Some maps I can't even play at all.

I have set up a private Sven Coop server for Forum Members only in the Germany location for anyone to access the password through this forum who is a member. Non-members are not supposed to be able to get the password. This is hopefully going to help people keep joining our forum if everyone cooperates with this request. The private server is to serve the purpose of testing out new maps & features without having the public servers crash or have other problems, as well as to offer a benefit to those who are signed up on the forum here.

Custom maps have been added to some Sven Coop servers, some maps have had fixes or changes made to their configurations to eliminate exploits or bugs (namely toonrun3 and bm_sts having SCXPM re-enabled on them).

The Egg Hunt is going to hopefully feature web stats soon, and we will try to use in-game stats for top 10 ranks as well.  I have been able to add the eggs to BrainBread, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Sven Coop, and soon TFC also. Our TFC server has moved to New York and needs to be reconfigured still.

The Counter-Strike and Sven Coop XPMod servers on the same hosts (Seattle or Germany) have what I call "Cross-Mod" functionality, where experience points transfer between games. I am hoping to add this functionality to TFC, and possibly other mods as well.

We are working on installing WeaponMod all of the Half-Life 1 servers we can, including Sven Coop, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and TFC. More mods may be included over time..

I have been working on figuring out how to set up a VIP and Donation system for our HL1 servers, and will be continuing working on that. We have received our first donation for our Half-Life 1 / Sven Coop servers, and we greatly appreciate all of the help we can get Big Grin

I am very glad to see this many people who have become Staff here at ModRiot as a result of a Half-Life 1 mod, and I hope it continues to grow. Many people have been added as admins, and I am hoping everyone will uses the admin powers they have been given responsibly. We appreciate all the work you do to help us to run a fun and decent server and hope you help us continue to recruit more people to join our network. This is what some of the main services that ModRiot offers is about - finding out what needs to be done to run the game or server right, and doing it so everyone can enjoy the game. We also want to help people who are server administrators to run servers properly, and we want to help developers be able to produce a well-designed game. There has been a lot of cooperation among people inside and outside of this community, and it is all very helpful toward the cause of gaining knowledge so we can accomplish our goals. I enjoy the team-work very much and I am pleased to see people working in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition. It is very helpful when people cooperate together because sometimes things are just better that way. Keep up the good work! Big Grin

I will be posting more thoroughly detailed updates eventually, but for now I am still working on many different things and get very distracted from making these Work Logs.

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