Poll: Team Power, decide its fate.
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I rate 10/10 for 'Keep it enabled'.
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For the love of god, disable it, please.
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[POLL] Team Power
Alright ladies and gents, it's the long complained Team Power, put in a poll being decided to be removed or not.
Now, what exactly is 'Team Power'? 
The skill information is simple, it aids your team mates with their health, armor, ammo, and with higher level, yourself.
Though, things turn to 'too unfair' for some players seeing that Team Power on max makes you bloody overpowered.

Of course, on the eyes of our 'I'm-better-than-you' players, this shouldn't be remove. But hey, we all have our opinions.
Anyways, this is just a poll for fun, and for your opinions of course. Feel free to hate/cheer for Team Power.

My opinion for this skill is Neutral. It's helpful, yes, but it sure is bloody unfair as stated above, makes you too overpowered.

Welp, I leave it up to you gents!

Signed, MrSmith
Trial Moderator, Beta Tester
Swampdog Inc.
lol this skills broken as hell at least tone it down a bit ;P
I never put points into teampower as I always play with new players and teampow doesn't do anything for me or them.

A better alternative would be to boost Awareness.
[Image: lAbPm6b.jpg]

Boost Awareness 5/10/15/20 levels and downgrade Team Power 50/25/10 levels(IDK how much it has lol)
[Image: b_560x95.png]
I think boosting awareness may be a good idea. I will look into adding on to this feature. Then again, I just tested out max level with all skills, and Awareness + Block + Armor + HP regeneration still is very over-powered lol... I don't think removing team power is going to be that bad. I think it is more fun to have a challenge than beat the game without even having to try. Why not just set godmode on then? Some of these sven coop maps will work a lot better without having team power enabled. The team power skill has been removed from the Los Angeles SCXPM server.
I changed the code again, and Team Power skill should work a lot differently now. We will see how well it works now and can decide if we still think it is a good idea after a while. It will work a lot differently now, and shouldn't be as over-powered as it has been. All the servers still have Team Power on them.
Team Power would be less pointless and true to its name if it only boosted other players and between 70-80 it gave a slight boost to the user.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Isn't teampower literally Awareness V2 and the fact that Awareness boosts Teampower the most OP part of it?
[Image: lAbPm6b.jpg]

Do this: Team Power 1.2 x multiplied power but most of it effects go to teammates and only a really very small part to the player.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Uhm... the Team Power skill is quite powerful that is for sure Big Grin I guess on some maps it is very desirable, but on others it is not. One thing we can try out to balance out the power of the skill is raising the skill and power of monsters/enemies in maps. It would take a lot of custom configuration, but would make it a lot harder for people with Team Power skill. Personally, I wish team power never existed because then there would be no problem here. LOL There must be some sort of balance to make it somewhat challenging, but I understand why the Team Power skill is desirable.

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