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Server Update 3
- Various tweaks and additions to scoreboard
- You can now ask an administrator to assign a nickname to you with colors and text customization (this partially renames you as some functionality in 1.9 is broken)
- 1vs1 plugin has been implemented (/1vs1 duel [playername])
- Various deathmatch plugins are currently being implemented
- The spawn point is now a lobby with teleports (made by me and Shadi - the lobby is actually based off the Matrix)
- We have implemented New York City, a custom map built by the finest of Minecraft Map Builders, this can be accessed through the lobby (which can't be accessed[yet] unless you spawn there)
- Various plugin additions
- Immunity on certain blocks

If you would like to see these changes in action or have any queries feel free to speak to me in-game. ;-)
[Image: b_350_20_C7C9D1_898D9F_1532C6_000000.png]
its looking great, keep up the good work

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