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Server Update 4 aka. Security Update
- Due to capping the 2GB RAM limit, we have now upgraded to 3GB
- Various safe zone (no block break zone) adjustements
- Added rollback/backup features to avoid any unexpected losses
- More advanced logging than ever before
- Various anti-griefing plugin tweaks to ensure maximum safety
[Image: b_350_20_C7C9D1_898D9F_1532C6_000000.png]
Sounds like you are maintaining the server well Smile Keep up the good work.
If you want or need any help with any custom things, I will try to help if I can.

Security updates are important. We appreciate all the efforts towards server security. If you want to keep a log of specific steps and reasons for these security updates, it would be extremely helpful for reference in case anyone might need to know these things. Perhaps keeping info like that is good for the Administrator section.

How hard would it be to make any sort of advertisement on the server to mention donations? Tongue It is optional, but could be helpful to us. We could try to customize some sort of package deals for anyone who donates.
Thanks man, I like to make sure all of y'all diamonds are safe. ;-)

In all fairness I was thinking of creating a custom donation feature which would allow players to have more privileges/features within the server, however the funds would go strictly to the server's bill for the time being (we can move on to expand that once we have a steady amount of donors.)
This would most likely get implemented once we upgrade to a more expensive package (for more ram for example.)
[Image: b_350_20_C7C9D1_898D9F_1532C6_000000.png]

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