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Results for Competition #3 of ModRiot Egg Hunt
The Top 10 players of each location (Seatte, Germany, Los Angeles, or New York City) will receive prizes when it is confirmed they are a member on the ModRiotGaming forum here @ ModRiot.com. There is currently no deadline to claim prizes, but there may be a deadline set eventually. And remember, if you didn't make top 10, there are still some prizes just for participating and being a member on the forum. If you have a steam ID ready, we can verify your participation in the event and try to make some accommodations to show our appreciation. It may take some time and patience to receive any prizes. Prizes may be claimed here in this forum topic, or on another relevant place on the forum. Everyone who participates will eventually receive a special user-title on the forum for competing, and everyone will receive at least 1 medal for each competition they participate in.

We thank everyone who participated.  Remind me to add your prizes, because it is not done automatically.

Seattle servers results:

Germany servers results:

New York City servers results:

Los Angeles servers results:
4th place lol, finally I made it to Top 5 in SeattleBig Grin
[Image: b_560x95.png]
2th place on EU xD.
#69 on Seattle Tongue
congrats everyone haha

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