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Making an unban request/appealing
You are most likely here because you've been banned from the server for a few reasons, such as but not limited to:
  • "Griefing" in any form (aka. stealing/destroying/ruining/misplacing/damaging)
  • Taking advantage of an exploit, glitch or bug
  • Randomly killing other players 
You most likely weren't banned for something minor that could have been resolved.

If you log in to find yourself banned or find your self banned by surprise, this means that enough evidence has been found against you.

To appeal or request an unban, please make a topic within this sub-forum describing the events with as much information as possible to help the admin team make resolutions, you may be asked privately by private message or publicly on this forum for additional information.

The admin/moderator team does not have to guarantee you an unban date.

Any member of the forum is allowed to state their opinion, any rule-breaking, provoking or irrelevant posts will be deleted without notice.

Once a resolution has been made the topic will be locked.

If you feel like circumstances have changed or your unban request has been denied recently, please allow 14 days before making another unban request.

Do not bump your unban requests, if you want to do that private message me, but please be moderate about it.

You may be disabled from posting unban requests for a period of time if you have been permanently banned. Should this not be the case or a disable was lifted you are free to make an unban request despite being permanently banned.
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