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Update 1760 Released
Copied from http://www.moddb.com/news/base-defense-1750-is-out:

August 27th update is out! 1760 IS AVAILABLE NOW!
Change log is below Tongue

Hello, defenders! The main news for today is new version of Base Defense is available now!

Change log
(August 20th) 1750 Change log:

Skills and items bonuses have no effect on hornets now
No task reset after death (no more getting helmet over and over again)
Added abilities description to character menu
Character menu was improved much to show more details (scroll panel added)
Turrets won't attack hornets (turret efficiency increased much)
AI improvements (now monsters try to get to player)
Skill menu is now showing actual information counting Sorcery ability bonus
Mana regeneration is not aura effect anymore (works all the time now)
All passives can be turned off to save mana points
Demon has spell gem for trade (now you can get a nice spell without farming boss)
Stability improvements (rewritten a lot of old code)
No chance to get epic items for completing first 3 quests (you will get only basic ones)
Replaced random items with new unique items in Demons shop
Angels, turrets and hornets won't open barricades
Every 10th task you will get a random item (including uniques)
All scroll panels can be scrolled with mouse wheel
Added backgrounds for all windows in panels to prevent unwanted button pressing
Added hit points regeneration to every class (initial 0.5 HP/s)
Added golden glowing to player when he has full set equipped
Added possibility to increase maximum ammo amount with upgrading Legerity
Added first-person animations for the most of skills and spells
Added indicator for dead players in score panel (it shows "at rest" line near nickname)
New Bloodbath rewarding system (more experience for multikilling)
New Weapon Upgrades system (make your guns unique and more powerful)
New Gestures system to play first-person animations for some player actions
New monster buff - Lunatic (25% faster)
New consumables Salvage and Souls (used for upgrading items)
New inventory items with epic bonuses
New ability to go invisible ("X" key by default)
New weapon Akimbo (dual wielded MAC-10)
New weapon Ancient Axe
New weapon Hell Dagger (class weapon)
New weapon Lord's Sword (class weapon)
New weapon Usual Wrench (class weapon)
Increased damage for Flamethrower
Increased damage for Grenade Launcher
Increased maximum .762 ammo to 40 (was 20)
Increased spectator move speed
Gargantua is getting strong faster
Gargantua has higher money reward now
Gargantua stomp attack speed was increased
Gargantua is invulnerable until he ends his spawn animation
Updated glow effects for Blaster and Rocket Launcher
Updated Crossbow model and animations
Updated color tags code
Updated experience system, now it supports multiple level ups
Minigun will drop every 4th Pantagruel kill (it counts for every player individually)
Pistol model has little improvements
Pistol shooting mechanics were changed
Blaster shooting mechanics were changed
Crossbow shooting mechanics were changed
Shotgun primary attack was improved
Grenade Launcher grenades have now better hit detection
Fixed possible VGUI crash
Fixed bug when player was unable to spawn after death in air
Fixed crashes "caused by explosions"
Fixed Trip Mines animations
Fixed possible issues with dialogue system
Fixed bug with negative numbers on the HUD
Fixed damage numbers code issues
Fixed barricades blocking with tripmines and satchels
Fixed pathfinding issues for pve_building
Fixed trigger_multiple touch function reset (now barricades won't be stuck)
Fixed mp_waittime CVar bug (it didn't have enough time to catch server value)
Fixed monster_ichthyosaur hit points and damage
Fixed monsters having no reaction to damage
Removed some doors on pve_building and pve_tomb
Removed nodrop chance (no more "shit happens" at Gargantua)
Removed item_backpack (now everything saved without it)
(August 21th) 1755 Change log:

Unpacked everything from PAK file (fixed a lot of issues like monsters glitching)
Changed the description of Faith and Sentry skills
Fixed color tags for menus
Fixed spectator indicator in score panel
Fixed staying invisible when using dagger secondary attack
Old "Task Completed" sound was returned
Manakits and medikits can't be used when invisible
Raising the barricades will turn off the invisibility
Rush skill stacks now
Fixed staying invisible when throwing satchels
Bosses can be hurt now with Offense and Radiation
Offense can't be used while invisible
Some other little fixes
(August 27th) 1760 Change log:

Gargantua has now exponential HP increasing
Gargantua book can't be used twice during one wave
Increased Gargantua turn speed
Increased damage for some weapons and their upgrades
Increased experience gain for higher waves
Increased natural defense gain from 5 to 20 per 1 Toughness
Increased range for quickstab and wrench
Fixed "Task Completed" window appearing randomly
Fixed turret explosion damaging the owner
Fixed Juggernaut armor downgrading
Fixed issues with Pistol secondary attack
Fixed Rush + Sacrifice combo
Fixed Gargantua melee spamming
Fixed angels damaging each other
Fixed weak hit detection for money sharing system
Fixed wrong colors for dropped gemstones
Fixed houndeyes interrupt their attacks if damage taken
Fixed angels and turrets wall stuck
Fixed stats upgrading to crazy amounts with mystical bag
Updated jump and step sounds
Updated navigation for pve_tomb and pve_complex
Updated ammo descriptions at Demon shop
Updated dagger model
Added reset for weapon list scroll panel
Added limit for supply bags
Added indicator to see if the monster is immune to your attack
Added 2 new spell gemstones
Added pve_complex to standard maps list
Changed "^0" color tag to pink (black didn't look good with shadow)
Removed one more door on pve_tomb
By the way, pve_complex was removed from downloads as it is included to standard map pack which comes with the mod.

Base Defense forums have been here for a long time. Now I added some new boards, so if you have a bug report, any suggestions, questions about gameplay or you just want to discuss your game experience then it's the right place! I'm planning to extend it, since there's no Base Defense Information Pages site, it will be a new board on the forum, there I will post threads with information about monsters, weapons, items, etc.

Steam Greenlight
Discuss Base Defense Greenlight submission here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/b-def/forum/th...greenlight

Hotfix released for Base Defense 1750, now it is version 1755. If you haven't done so yet, you may want to actually do a fresh installation of Base Defense to avoid any problems. The developer of Base Defense recommends this.

Another update, this time it is version 1760. http://www.moddb.com/mods/b-def/download...se-install
No task reset after death (no more getting helmet over and over again)

You think Helmet like that? :-P
In this version if you die, you do not lose your equipment, neither the levels. Tongue

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