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Server Re-Open!
The Minecraft server is up again!

The server is running the same plugins we've ran before except with a fresh start. Some features such as 1vs1 and TDM will be added in the following days.

Enjoy :-)
[Image: b_350_20_C7C9D1_898D9F_1532C6_000000.png]
Can we might get a list of plugins and if cracked is on or not ?
We're hosting it, so its legit not cracked.
I started playing Minecraft at a young age. I remember when I first saw a bunch of pixel cubes and thought that it was unlikely that such a game could drag me out for a long time. But time passed and my imagination ran wild. I began to build huge buildings, and so much time was spent in stream with friends. Sometimes I  remember my youth and play on the server https://minecraftservers.biz/universemc/ despite the fact that those days are already over. The level of the game has increased significantly since then. The servers are now played only by pros. It seems to me that there is no competition in the game industry for the opportunities that Minecraft gives the player.

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