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Brain bread Help with banning and server
hi i i got a gaming server and i want to know how to ban somebody in brain bread . If anybody knows how thank you so much

Also if anyone know a better way of getting a server up in brain bread please let me know thanks so much

Are you refering to Brainbread 2, or its goldsource counterpart?

Usually the easiest way an administrator would ban someone would be by using ban through rcon.
Usage:  banid < minutes > < userid | uniqueid > { kick }
Use 0 minutes for permanent

Obtaining the steamid or userid of a player can be done by typing "status" in the console.
So for example if i wanted to kick/permaban STEAM_0:0:124 from a server, this is what i would type in console:

status                                            <-- Getting the players ID
rcon_password ******                   <-- Logging into rcon
rcon banid 0 STEAM_0:0:124 kick   <-- Permaban placed along with immediate kick

Now if you wish to use the ban system built into brainbread 2, you will need to be added to the servers admin file. Once completed, you will be able to access all the admin commands from console by typing admin_. Doing so will list the 5 admin commands below.
What console is that you use?

Now is this the tilde window i do this in. And do i have to put the (symbols) in also > | { }.

usually when i type status it doesn't say rcon password. And i'm also confussed where do you actually type that in

Also i did put my steamid for ingame admin is that the tilde window i use or something else.

Also i go through this company for the game server but i do not believe they have Rcon or web console in the control panel


if you know how to set it up that be great also

Thanks for helping me. this is really confusing trying to understand this and really need to ban this one guy from my server. Also where do you get your server from
You access your in-game console usually by pressing the ~ key on your keyboard. If it doesn't work when you try, you may have to set the key to open console in the game options under keyboard.

[Image: 86ded76fa86c40b5ab7d467e8b0c1115.png]

The commands that are input into the console are done while connected to your server. Your rcon password is set by you, the server owner, within the server.cfg file using the cvar "sv_password *******"
This man snapman is Da Man. Big Grin . Hooked me up with help on this. I would have been lost cause even my server company didn't provide me with simple commands that probably should have been listed in the knowledge base . They would be still ticketing me back and forth who knows what else would have happened. I'm so great full to awesome guys like this for that i'm going to pay my respects and donate. Thanks million

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