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Sven Coop Skin Trade
(it sounds awkward) 
but I will start.

Hopefully this will make everyone able to use their own cool skins while letting others see them.

The svencoop skin files are supposed to be in [ steam>steamapps>common>>svencoop>svencoop_addon ]

Copy the player folder from the models folder, and the player folder from the sounds folder

Make a new folder of svencoop_addon with the folders models and sounds with the respective files of playermodels and playersounds

Then upload it here.

I will start. I hope this turns out well.


Hopefully I can also make the share weapon models thread.
[Image: lAbPm6b.jpg]

Well I can share the weapon models, sounds and sprites I'm using right now.

I just completed my edits for they hunger weapon models yesterday.

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