Full Version: [EU] Anti-Rush and Hardcore Server by Changelog 4/10/18
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[EU] Anti-Rush and Hardcore Server by Changelog 4/10/18

General Changes:
dynamic_mapvote timer changed to 45 seconds.
Server updated with latest fixes (backend).

Gameplay Changes:
Changed Big Momma blast radius at 100% difficulty from:
This will resolve a glaring issue of 3/4 of the server being killed off on the map begin due to the exploding attack, and should make hl_c15 a more fair challenge.

Ichthyosaur HP rescaled from
{ 20.0, 100.0, 200.0, 300.0, 400.0, 600.0, 800.0, 1000.0 }
{ 15.0, 75.0, 100.0, 150.0, 200.0, 400.0, 550.0, 750.0 }
This removes the monotany of fighting the ichthyosaur, and makes a certain OP4 level less of a drag; while maintaining difficulty.

You may suggest fixes or discuss the changes here, or over on our discord server at
Thank you for playing!