Full Version: Server Maplist (Work in Progress)
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List of all suggested maps + all maps, that are on the server

Campaigns: <- missing ending script <- community didnt like it <- community didnt like it

Map series: <- removed again because of crashs <- removed again because of crashs

Small maps: <- crashes <- removed again because of ??? <- removed again because of ??? <- door doesnt open <- removed again <- removed because infinite time bug
Oh wow another Sven Co-op old-timer Big Grin

Great list by the way. Hostage 2 was one of my favorites back in the day.
Great memory too. I don't remember the names of most of the old maps but it's good at least someone does; a lot of custom maps are just heaps of garbage if you ask me so it's nice to be able to filter out some of the better ones.

I notice a glaring lack of Sven Co-op RPG though Tongue
I didnt include SvenCoop RPG (yet) because I wanted to concentrate on maps that are more likely to work with 5.0 and XPM.

I am still working on making this list bigger Tongue you can see on my list, everything from goanna (death_series) is my favourite^^
Great list.... lots of testing to do ;D

SvenCoopRPG has an issue right now that causes the CPU to go to 100% like they23 does. I am not sure which map exactly, but I think it might be svencooprpg2. It really does need more investigation. I reported it on the Sven Coop forums
Just about all of the maps in this list have been uploaded to the FastDL location and the Test Server. Many maps were already uploaded a long time ago, but have never been tested. Just about every map and series in there is worthwhile for testing. With a few exceptions, we should be able to add many of these maps to the servers. There is a Sven Co-op update coming soon also, so be prepared for maps to get broken which worked perfectly fine in previous versions (just like what happened to Afrika Korps). Hopefully things get fixed rather than broken with this next update. :/
Whats the IP of the Testserver again? Somehow Steam is constantly deleting my server favorites from my list. -.-