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Community Update 11/15
sweet 500 members Big Grin

I am looking forward to the semester being finished so I can change up the Half-Life 1 servers that we have remaining. I am also thinking about learning how to code AMXX plugins for GangWars if I can. I am thinking that it will be the easiest and best way to make any modifications to the GangWars mod temporarily until we can figure out what to do with the game code. Having access to the source code of GangWars will make AMXX coding that much easier. Maybe even creating plugins for bots would be easier. I still want to work with the mod when I get a chance. I am glad to see that there is still work being done. School has been keeping me too busy and I really wish I could be online more often.

I think investing in the WarCraft 3 Frozen Throne v 5.0 plugin script may be a good idea after all. I still wonder if it works with Day of Defeat.

I need to get a computer that can run the mods you guys are programming for so I can try to help with the coding. I may need your help figuring out how to get a decent machine/video card that won't be too expensive.

I should be back around Christmas time for the holidays. Maybe we can play some Holiday TFC in Jigglypuff's Jigglyroom Big Grin The bots celebrate Xmas

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Community Update 11/15 - by Snapman - 11-16-2015, 02:55 AM
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ModRiotGaming is a multi modification based gaming community offering servers of all sorts customized by community input. We dedicated ourselves towards providing a drama/stress-free gaming experierce for all fellow gamers while hosting the classic half-life 1 based mods we all grew up on worldwide.