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Gangwars 1.47 + Downloads
Gangwars Steam Community Group

Gangwars 1.47 has been released. The current version is Gangwars 1.47.1b. You must extract the "gangwars" folder into your Half-Life installation folder in Steam. It should look something like "C:\games\steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\gangwars" when you are done.

Gangwars 1.47.1b Downloads (Windows and Linux):


Gangwars 1.47.1b ONLY DLLs DOWNLOAD (ZIP)

We currently have 3 servers hosted:

[Image: b_350_20_FF0000_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
US Northwest (Seattle):

[Image: b_350_20_FF0000_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
US East (NYC)

[Image: b_350_20_FF0000_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
Europe (Germany)

Changelog from readme.txt:
GANGWARS BETA 1.47 "Linux Client Support" (STEAM ONLY)
Update Log for GW 1.47 "Linux Client Support" **
December 08, 2017

by Swamp Dog @ ModRiot.com

(This version is STEAM-ONLY! Future versions may be compatible with pre-steam Half-Life, but not this release).

Version 1.47.1b:
  • Fixed improper code for "Juice" on scoreboard.
  • Changed "mp_teamplay" to "1" by default for servers. Changing this has little effect, but works differently with bots.

Version 1.47.1a:
  • Added Linux client support for Gangwars
  • Renamed "GangWars" mod installation directory to "gangwars" for ease of use with case-sensitive operating systems
  • Added Counter-Strike 1.6 Map Support with 3 additional Game Modes
  • Additional Game Mode: "Escape" for use with CS 1.6 maps usually starting with "es_" (escape)
  • Additional Game Mode: "Assassination" for use with CS 1.6 maps usually starting with "as_" (assassination)
  • Additional Game Mode: "Capture the Crack" for use with CS 1.6 maps usually starting with "cs_" (hostage rescue)
  • Fix client and server crashing (related to video input and player physics)
  • Change admin system to different system using admins.txt
  • Fix most VGUI admin player punishment commands
  • Added FMOD 3.75 sound library for use with Linux (Gangwars required this to keep the theme music)
  • Fix weapon (Magnum & Auto-Sniper) crashing client due to missing bullet shell physics
  • Fix glitch with sound in rooms (temporarily disabled "room_type" effects for maps that cause terrible echos)
  • Added Voice Communication support for voice chat in-game
  • Updated Gangwars SDK code base to be compatible with Valve's latest SDK for use with Steam. Gangwars SDK is Still compatible with pre-steam Half-Life.
  • Updated weapons code to fix some animations. Weapons will still be updated in future versions, and more variations of weapons may be available.
  • Created system for randomly spawning Boss bags in maps based on spawn points. If no specific spawn points are determined in the mapname.frm file, bags will be randomly spawned at player spawn locations.
  • Created system for custom map theme songs. Using "default_songs.txt" and/or "mapname_songs.txt" in the /maps/ folder can contain custom songs. To be able to transfer the song over the server so players can download, the song must be in ".wav" format, and preferably 11025 Hz 16-bit PCM format. A good length for theme songs would be about 15-22 seconds in length, with a fading out effect.
  • Created support for bots. The system is currently experimental using Metamod and a custom HPB bot plugin still in development.
  • Added custom GameUI colors so the in-game Steam windows look different
  • Added game resolution textscheme files for use with multiple resolutions
  • Added support for different types of "damage" a player can receive
  • Fixed MP5 model issue: Replaced MP5 model and sounds with CS 1.5 MP5. There was a poor quality v_ model file causing glitching when deployed
  • Fix round end so now "Round Draw" works.
  • Fix part of "weapon prediction" causing bugs in-game when buying weapons (HUD did not update properly, animations bugging would occur)
  • Added fix for scoreboard to mute players in-game as well as in the "Player List" menu
  • Added and fixed "cycler_sprite" entity so now it will respawn.
  • Many different entities get reset during round restarts, and many entities have had support for this feature added.
  • Added footstep texture sounds that were missing or incorrect
  • Fix crash occurring when VGUI stats window was loaded
  • Change how weapon speeds work with pistols and weapon dropping
  • Fix advertisement to work with newer VGUI version
  • Include Gangwars Steam community group as first advertisement in game.
  • Fix spectator mode texture clipping causing footsteps sounds

** I might have forgot some things, and will try to add them in when I remember them or in a future update.

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