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Server Direction
[Image: Gbrsmo2.png]
Hello all, I am in the process of creating a new ModRiot Minecraft server and would like some user suggestion in the directions to take.
I am very versatile in what I can do as I have 6 years experience in Minecraft-specific server hosting.

Users of Modriot, I need your input for what would be most popular among those that will play the Minecraft server.
Vote here in this strawpoll to give your input.

This poll will also be posted to the Steam group forums for ModRiot to gather more player interest.

You may post in the suggestions area of the Minecraft forum or reply below with your input. You may also direct message me about possible help with map building
or server moderation. I will consider all the help I am able to get.

I am excited to see the direction we can take with the server.

You're doing good MVPDORITOS.
[Image: 76561198374709468.png]
Cant wait to see which direction this little project goes.
Do a mc server where you get 10000 health and diamond enchanted armor and tools on spawn in
(01-06-2018, 01:42 AM)Sixes Wrote: Do a mc server where you get 10000 health and diamond enchanted armor and tools on spawn in

Posting here to let everyone know a decision has been made and the poll has been closed. I will have more to announce soon but as of now I am working things out and will be opening the server soon enough.  Rolleyes

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