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Server Teaser
Hello everyone, I have much to announce about the Minecraft server so I am just going to lay it all out for you.

Based on poll results, we have decided to support a Feed-The-Beast server. The mod pack we will run is SkyFactory 3. (v3.0.15)
You can join us through the FTB Launcher or Twitch App.

Responsible for the running of the server is: 

Responsible for In-Game Administration are: 
AlexCorruptor (known as Roffe_731 in game) 

Responsible for Moderation is:

Alex and I have been hard at work building a spawn area and configuring plugins for release. We have a few in-game screenshots to share with you all on the current progress we have made.

A warm welcome!
[Image: xm5CD1.png]

Overview of the current spawn area
[Image: zbmyHF.png]

Spawn Hub (Inside of the tree)
[Image: Lcg6O7.png]

Mod pack tutorial!
[Image: LCtIoF.png]

Natural area
[Image: XxnIZs.png]

Walkways and Trade Area
[Image: wfoRMZ.png]

Trading Hut
[Image: YiCtuG.png]

We have been hard at work and will remain doing so until we perfect the server to become public. I would also like to thank:
swampdog - Very patient and helping to get the server running.
effoR - Lending an account to us for use on the server.

There is still much to come and these screenshots only scratch the surface of how much detail and time can be put into the world creation. There will be more information later on, but for now it is see you soon!  Smile
seems cool
[Image: 76561198151496504.png]

Looks good, might pay it a visit some time...
"19:27:29 | [info ] | > bashedDT: how do you get in den the code box wot work"
[Image: 6YToyEF.png]
Stop abuse today.
seksi stuff
Looks really good man.
[Image: 76561198374709468.png]

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