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Pre-Release Screenshots 1-12-18
Hello once again, we have a few more screenshots to share with you from the spawn area as we move into phase 2 of the server start up that is configuration. We have some cleaning up and server configuring to do before we make any bold statements on when we are going public. Rest assured it will be soon enough; in the meantime, enjoy some more screenshots.

Secret Room to be announced  Wink
[Image: LspBpE.png]
Improved Natural Area
[Image: mYInrr.png]
Shop area
[Image: Bv3VHw.png]
Jail cells
[Image: 7o3gc4.png]
Finished tutorial room, tutorial has been complete. Much thanks to AlexCorruptor.
[Image: clWoS0.png]
A good shot showing the large size of the tree.
[Image: 9Hzov5.png]
Spawn overview, much has been done in two days!
[Image: 2oLJlp.png]

We are closing in on the final steps of the server being ready to go public. We have put a lot of construction and hours into something as simple as a spawn and we hope it pays off in its first impression. Another big thanks to AlexCorruptor for lending a big hand in the detail and tutorials at spawn.

[Image: BMlKRs.png]

As always, see you soon!
[Image: 76561198374709468.png]
wait, this is a server with mods?
[Image: 76561198151496504.png]

(01-12-2018, 04:32 PM)APEX Wrote: wait, this is a server with mods?

[Image: 76561198374709468.png]
what mods are you using?
(01-12-2018, 08:57 PM)effoR Wrote: what mods are you using?
This is a modpack called SkyFactory 3
You can use FTB launcher of Twitch launcher to get that modpack

P.s. Shaders are NOT included
Don't wash tennis balls!

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