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Ban Appeal Information
By playing on the server, you agree to follow the rules stated using the command /rules.

Thse rules can and most likely will be added to as game play continues. Use common sense please, if you are having to question if something is allowed, it probably is not. If insure, always ask a staff member.

About ban appeals:

1. Please do not post in ban appeals unless you were directly involved in the situation.

2. Do not bump posts

3. Only the moderator who banned you can unban you or post in your ban appeal. An admin may post in the appeal regardless. 

4. If you have been caught and banned for hacking or have intent of crashing the server, your appeal will automatically be denied and no further appeals will be allowed.

Format for an appeal:

Call the thread: <YOURNAMEHERE's> Ban Appeal
IGN: User12345
Length of Ban:
Reason you think you were banned:
What came up when you were banned:
Admit if you did what you were banned for or claim it was an accident:

We expect follow the rules and play nice. I hope nobody will have to post in this forum section; but if and when, this is the information you need to know.
[Image: SjY2LoW.png]

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