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Explaining Plugin Mechanics
We are running many plugins on our servers than make the process of playing simpler and more enjoyable. Such things is a player-run economy, silk touch spawners, and the ability to protect your personal items such as chests, furnaces, doors, etc.

Locking Chests
Place a sign on a chest, and put [Lock] on the first line.
[Image: FSe94PO.png]
Your name will automatically be put onto the second line, and your chest locked!
[Image: jnE5rI3.png]
You can also do this with many other items that are important or store/lock things.

Creating your own shop
Upon attaining the rank of VIP or higher, you will be able to create your own shops and have your own plot in the trade town.
Creating a shop is as simple as following this format on a sign above the chest full of the items you are wanting to sell.
[Image: wfDtIYe.png]
First line can be blank as it will auto-complete your name
Amount of item you want to sell
(B)uy $ : $ (S)ell    -     you can do one or the other, or both!
Item/block name. Use the item ID if the name is not working correctly. 
The chest lock plugin may throw some "errors" you can ignore, as the plugin thinks you are trying to lock your chests; just ignore it.

Silk Touch Spawners
Anyone is able to mine a monster spawner who has an enchanted pickaxe with the enchantment "Silk Touch".
However, only those with a rank such as VIP+ or higher will be able to change the type of spawner.
The steps are easy, just mine the spawner.
[Image: IGfX4wJ.png]
If you are VIP+ and want to access your commands for changing the spawner; you can type the command /ss help to view all related commands.
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

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