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Recent away time
Hello everyone, I came to inform everyone that I have been inactive recently and I thought id inform the community that everything is fine and there is no need to worry, i'm just having a little bit of time to myself. I am working 55hrs a week to try and keep a roof over my head and my motorcycle insurance at bay, its really difficult as i'm being taxed to shit, quite literally shit. I'm being taxed 40% and its a fucking pisstake, I'm 18 and I am already on emergency tax, national insurance and 35% general tax. National insurance is about 2.50 every 10 hours so 12.50 a week is completely fine but the emergency 50 pound tax a week is a pain, and just to top it off they decided to remove £196 off my weekly wages every 50 hours...


My shift tickets are overflowing my little tub i have for them, I require a Sunday to ticket to prove i've worked the 55 hours or I get paid Mon-Fri YET I'M PAID FRIDAY AT 00:00.

I'm also lacking a social life either, I only go out to drink or smoke a bit with friends, this is really rare and I've decided to quit smoking because whats the point if I mentally have other things to deal with, let alone a addiction. I am sorry if there has been outbreaks within the servers over the past few weeks, I really tried to make time but when dealing with this tax bullshit and then living alone is difficult. I don't really have anyone to fall back on so I'm fending for myself out here. i have got a cat which is good company at times when I'm feeling alone. 

I'm quite a lonely person and I don't enjoy talking to people, I feel very anxious and I lack social skills which kind of ruin me and destroy my pride and confidence. I used to be some town freak who would pay hundreds of pounds on shoes and nice clothes and go have fun, I've kinda quit that life and just chilled out. I still have a few pairs of shoes left but that's really for wearing around the house or for shopping once a week. (And yes i'm a sad fuck who smokes dope).

We lost a friend to the group a few months ago and its still hard meeting without him, we all go the same places and we always leave something behind, whether its a can of lager or a cigarette. We also get other groups around town intimidate us and its really difficult getting around without getting blades pointed at us or whoever is on their own. I personally am knife free (since beginning of 2018) but at the current state I do not feel safe at all unless I'm in a group for 4. There is no need to worry as its dealt with every time and we avoid these situations as much as possible. 

Also forgot to mention that my internet hasn't been the best for me recently really slow and unreliable, fried the socket too so yeah that really put me out for a few days, new extension lead and new plug, all working fine. Just reliability is a major fix. 

I should be back for good now and I'm able to play as much as I can. I guess having days shifts is really nice, leaves the nights for gaming etc...

Sorry for the inconvencience,

taxation is theft

good luck mate, try and take it easy will ya
I second that, legalized theft... straight up.

As for the social life part, that makes two of us. Still living with my old man, so it sounds like you're already ahead of me in life, at almost twice your age Tongue

Just take care of yourself, real life shiet should always come first.

And for the record, nothing wrong with smoking a little dope, just keep moderation in mind.
I hope that this state of yours will pass, and you will feel better again. I will admit that these two years were the most horrible and hard for my family and me. We lost some of our acquaintances because of COVID, and my cousin came in to be a gambling addict. He showed some side effects of severe addiction, and one evening I looking at an addictive personality test, I saw some similar effects. In such situations, it is essential to keep calm because everything has a cure. Still, this website helped me with a lot of beneficial information, especially observing and handling the situation.

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