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Superhero CSDM map requests
If you want to request a map for the Superhero Mod CSDM server you play on, please make a request here. I have been customizing maps with entities and spawn points to have been playable in our servers. So far, I have customized these maps:

So far, some requested/recommended maps have been:

starwars2 or starwars2a



I am doing this in my free time, and I appreciate all the help I can get. If you want to help me or submit your own CSDM Item configurations for custom maps, please submit them here or message me with details. Thank you.
de_plaka had weapon entities added, & starwars map is done with spawn points and entities now. These 2 customized maps are running on the Seattle server (soon to be on the Europe server also). I am working on adding weapon entities & spawn points starwars2 now. If anyone wants to help me make bot waypoints I would appreciate it. I don't quite know how to make waypoints correctly yet. Waypoints need to be made for roof_wars & dm_flycraft_final if we want to play with bots on those maps. http://podbotmm.bots-united.com/doc_v3/h...basic.html this is the podbot waypointing guide if anyone is interested in learning how to do waypointing for PodBot or other GoldSRC bots (they are all similar and most of them are based on Botman's HPB Bot http://hpb-bot.bots-united.com/ )

Also http://bots-united.com/ is a great resource for all things related to Half-Life 1/GoldSRC Bots (and some newer bot development)

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