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Community Update 10/21
We've made alot of changes since our last post. Support for various mods such as TF2, Fists of Frags, L4D2 has been dropped ... shifting resources over to hosting additional NMRiH & Codename Cure servers. Seems fitting with all these zombie games and Halloween up and coming, the future of these new gameservers will depend on their player activity and their overall influence on community growth.

Next up on the todo list will be some sort of live statistics for all NMRiH servers, ill start simple with a sourcemod plugin for simple rankings (!rank & !top10), then after implementing either HLstatsX:CE/Psycostats or equivalent. Most likely i will combine them all into a single rankings list instead of dedicated rankings per server. Once completed i will attempt to do the same with our Codename Cure servers.

We do need some help from the codename cure community itself, obtaining additional maps for the server network which now accounts for about 1/4 of the playable CnC servers.

Codename Cure
ModRiot.com #1 [US:W - Skilled - FF] @ foxtrot.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com #2 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com #3 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com #4 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com #5 [US:E - Skilled - FF] @ ny.modriot.com:27018
ModRiot.com #6 [US:E - Skilled - FF] @ ny.modriot.com:27019
ModRiot.com #7 [US:C - Skilled - FF] @ chi.modriot.com:27020
ModRiot.com #8 [US:C - Skilled - FF] @ chi.modriot.com:27021
ModRiot.com #9 [EU - Skilled - FF] @ nl.modriot.com:27019
ModRiot.com #10 [EU - Skilled - FF] @ nl.modriot.com:27020

No More Room in Hell
ModRiot.com NMRiH Seattle |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ sea2.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Chicago |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ chi.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Chicago 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ chi.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com NMRiH New York |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ ny.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com NMRiH New York 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ ny.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com NMRiH Amsterdam |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ nl.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Amsterdam 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ nl.modriot.com:27017

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ModRiotGaming is a multi modification based gaming community offering servers of all sorts customized by community input. We dedicated ourselves towards providing a drama/stress-free gaming experierce for all fellow gamers while hosting the classic half-life 1 based mods we all grew up on worldwide.