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New server config coming soon
I am going to change it from team deathmatch to regular teamplay or pure deathmatch I believe. I don't see enough people enjoying the deathmatch as I have set it up, even though I put lots of work into customizing it. It would be fun to play with lots of people, but I just think I need to change the way the superhero mod plugin is running. I will be doing this within the next month or so when I find the time to work on it. Right now I am busy with finals in school, and I am not able to spend much time working on this. My plan is to re-configure the whole server to run Superhero Mod on custom maps with teamplay but no deathmatch plugin. Any other ideas would be helpful if you guys have any. I am thinking about trying to run a WarCraft 3 FT server as well, if possible. We will see.

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