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BrainBread 2 Closed Beta Key Dump
[Image: s_md_1.jpg]

Beta Release Update: ALL the remaining keys have been released in one large lump sum, being served on a first come first served basis. SO SIGN UP NOW AND PLAY BRAINBREAD 2 BETA TODAY!!!


Quote:This upcoming Tuesday the 22nd, the remainder of the 90+ beta key stockpile will be distributed via webpage underworks atm titled 'Key Grabber". These keys will be released on a first come first served basis. Included in this release will be a tutorial for instructing new players on BB2 game-play basics. The reason for the change was to simplify the release procedure & to hasten the release of said keys.

Requirements to obtain a key are as follows: Setting your steam profile to public, and joining the official steam community group of Brainbread 2 @ http://steamcommunity.com/games/brainbread2

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