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Update 1/24/16 - Major Update + More keys arriving soon!



  • Fixed hitbox issues, lag compensating & npc interpolation issues in general!
  • The gibs will now be removed on game restart instead of round start.
  • Fixed some bugs related to voting percentage.
  • Fixed a bad bug which would re-display the active objective on the hud when players connected to the game when the round end window was active.
  • Fixed some issues related to gibbing.
  • We now use libcurl to check for the latest version of the game to compare it with the servers version, this way we can disable stuff on outdated servers.
  • You will no longer spawn in 0,0,0 if there's camera points available when you first spawn in a server.
  • When you gib a head on any npc/player it will pop instead of being cut off but only if the damage type is a bullet or blast.

  • Added Story Mode - Mappers can set this to true under 'Map Properties'. This will only work in Objective mode, it will disable infection, you can only play as a human, no round wait time and dynamic respawning (you spawn where the action is) and you can use changelevel triggers.
  • You no longer get 'game won' xp when the time is over in arena mode.
  • The round will not start in elimination mode before you've joined a team.

  • The Bandits will now use a new collisiongroup so they won't no-collide with humans and zombies.
  • NPCs will no longer collide with weapons, ammo, ammo boxes and items...

Mapping Entities
  • item_weapon_randomizer will no longer spawn powerful weapons too frequently, the percent to spawn powerful weapons has been toned down.
  • Added trigger_changelevel for story mode.
  • Fixed some collide issues in trigger_player_block.
  • Added the new ammo crate/box model.
  • You now get 2 clips when picking up AK47 or Beretta ammo.
  • item_ammo_crate is now non solid and can be used even if it is inside solids.
  • Added trigger_capturepoint which can be used to secure areas.
  • Added logic_entity_monitor which allows the mapper to monitor an entity, for example if you want to know if there's any npc_walkers in the map, if there is it will monitor them and tell you when they are gone.
  • Added SoundDuration for game_music, it will fire OnEnd when the sound is finished. Duration = 0 will loop.
  • Added ExcludeItem for inventory_item, which will prevent the item from being added to the inventory.

Players & Skills
  • Added new crosshairs.
  • You can now set the crosshair colors in Options->Other!
  • Removed crosshair pulsing due to incompatability with fonts.
  • Fixed a bug which would randomly make some players invisible for the local player.
  • Fixed a rare bug which wouldn't reset your armor when it ran out / went to 0.
  • Fixed some issues related to player weight.
  • Fixed up client side ragdoll anims.
  • When Humans successfully supply from the ammo crate they won't be able to resupply until x seconds have passed.
  • Fixed a bug in the door locking feature for survivors where you'd be able to open the door while it is closing + locked.
  • The Remington will no longer glitch out when reloading empty.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue which would prevent your stats from being loaded.

  • Hopefully fixed font issues on OSX.
  • All game panels will be closed on spawn and death.
  • The name rendering above nearby teammates should no longer bug up when the player leaves your PVS.
  • The Note Panel no longer has a random dark background and it will record mouse presses (auto closed).
  • Fixed a bug which didn't hide portions of the HUD during intermission.
  • The leaderboards will now display users with 0 score to prevent page confusion.
  • Fixed a bug where the roundstart hud would not be properly reset when leaving the game while counting down.

  • Added Skybox detail, some added detail outside spawn and room upstairs (Spawn), Redid vents leading to metro from sewers and fixed some light issue.
  • Added basement for the pawnshop.
  • Connected the sewers with the Pawn Shop's basement.
  • Re-created the Metro & Station.
  • Re-created all objectives from scratch and made them more randomized.

  • Reduced the overall amount of bandits.
  • Added a resupply crate which spawns randomly during a round and disappears after 30-40 sec.
  • Added an ammo box.
  • Added a timer for round 3, if you fail to kill the zombies within the time you'll have to battle a group of bosses.
  • Random zombie types will spawn in round 4, including Fred!

Info for beta participants
The keys will be released very soon, if you signed up be sure to actively check your e-mail! We intend to give out at least 100 keys, we look forward to see you in-game!

We are hosting an even this upcoming Saturday, if you gain access to the game then you shouldn't miss out on this one!


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