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Sven Cooperative Experience Mod
Was doing a little research on servers that still had activity, seems they usually run this amxx plugin. Might be worth giving it a shot.

I enjoyed SCXP as it incentivizes activity through continuous progression - so therefore I totally agree with it being added to the server.

EDIT: I also don't understand why instead of ensuring SC devs provide a solid game, they feel the need to make a plugin someone worked hard to create redundant (someone is just going to re script it anyways so why bother.)
Yeah, that is a good point darkhaze94 . There should be 2 different versions instead of 1 version that makes it so that the experience mod is incompatible. I agree. This is a perfect example of where we need better communication with mod developers to hear our requests, and it is also an area where we are lacking support in the Half-Life 1 community. It is quite sad that many people spent so much time and energy coding mods or addons just to have no one use them. That is why we are trying to provide this service as Mod Riot Gaming, so that the developers and gamers both get the support needed to keep these games alive.
Well, since the release of Sven Coop 5.0, I decided to work with this XPMod plugin. I have updated some of it (credit to others for their contributions) and will be updating it and adding "Cross-Mod" functionality between Counter-Strike and Sven Coop. I just finished integrating the current Sven Coop XPMod plugin with the Presents Spawner plugin. There are now Easter Eggs that spawn in random locations at map start that give experience points. Big Grin It will probably be like this in Counter-Strike also, with Monster Mod + XP points given for killing monsters as well.

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