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Bleach XP Mod 1.5 Removed, Status: Paused Deveopment
https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread...2?p=572242 Bleach XP Mod 1.5

I just added Bleach XP Mod to one of the Seattle Counter-Strike servers. This mod seems very similar to Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. I am hoping to add-on to the mod. I have already fixed multiple things to get it to run properly on newer versions of AMXx. I am going to be trying anime-related mods for various reasons, including attracting people who like anime. The Bleach XP Mod may stay on the server if it is successful enough, otherwise I will probably try out the newer Dragon Ball mod for Counter-Strike.

From AMXx page:

"This is a plugin based on bleach the anime series. Make your own Hollow or Death God by combine powers from characters from bleach.

There are 8 active skills and 6 passive skills so far, but I will add some more later maybe. You can also choose attributes by spending attribute points to upgrading your physics. You use Spirit Power (mana) to use your active skills and the damage done by skills can be evaded and you can knock off some damage by your spirit power. You can use a skill named spirit release which everyone has to knock of all damage."

I am going to be adding on features to this mod, and hopefully can bring the mod to life Big Grin It isn't as popular as Warcraft 3, but it is very similar, so it should be easy enough to add on features to resemble Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne.

03-21-2016 - personal note/update to myself: Crimsta already suggested adding on Knife XP multiplier for knife kills. I will be working on this shortly, along with quite a few other features in this mod. I think I may actually end up trying to add on to this mod quite a bit, if I can manage to do it properly.
This project is currently paused. The Bleach XP Mod server will be removed and possibly resume at another time. Hopefully there will be a greater interest or a possibility to use some of the ideas of this mod in other games.

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