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Rune Mod removed from all Counter-Strike servers, Status: Paused Development
I remember this from a long time ago in The Specialists servers. It also works in Counter-Strike, but unfortunately does not have any support for any other mods. Only TS and CS. This plugin is very interesting and very intense. Support for AMXX versions > 1.8.2 is updated in this configuration. We are running dev builds of AMXx 1.8.3, while this plugin, I believe, was designed before 1.8.2 was ever made stable. I spent some time figuring out how to update the code, and I think it should run properly.

5 runes are set to spawn every round, and there are an assortment of runes to choose from. If anyone wishes to design custom runes, we can probably figure out how to do that fairly simply by learning the Runemod API.

"Runemod is a serverside modification powered by AMXmodX, that spawns runes(powerups) around the map, for the players to pick up. Runemod includes lots of unique powers, adding an extra element and a whole lot of fun to the game."

"droprune" - This command is used to drop runes
"dropitem" - This command is used to drop runes
This project has been paused. Development and support may continue at another time, but for now it is going to be removed from all of the servers.

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