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The DarkRP Revival
Ive begun work to bring back ModRiotRP, our Garrysmod DarkRP server @ the Los Angeles location.
We've starting fresh so i'll need as many fresh ideas as the community is willing to provide.
We're also looking for developers for this upcoming project, contact me for position details.


All previous VIP accounts will be honored.
I really hope it goes on well, btw, the map is missing ALOT HELL of textures.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Yea, its due to the workshop.lua & resources.lua files, i have yet to set them up yet so clients are unable to automaticallly grab the needed textures.
Have fun with the kidlets
$$$( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)$$$
Here is some rules that we might need-

1. Only medics can base/use the Hospital
2. NLR timer is 3 mins
3. RDM isn't allowed
4. OOC Dis isn't allowed
5. Mic spam isn't allowed unless a hobo
6. Building in public isn't allowed, unless your a hobo
7. Only Mob Boss can take up more than 1 house or build in public
8. Police officers and Mayors cant base
9. Hobos, Police, Mayors, Mayors Bodyguards, Swat, Detective and Firefighter cant spawn printers

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ModRiotGaming is a multi modification based gaming community offering servers of all sorts customized by community input. We dedicated ourselves towards providing a drama/stress-free gaming experierce for all fellow gamers while hosting the classic half-life 1 based mods we all grew up on worldwide.