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Breach Rules
Hello, my name is Cyrix!

Please bear with me and follow the rules as it will only take a minute out of your life, as this server development took 5 weeks of my life.


Security Teams / Mobile Task Forces (MTF)
- MTF kills Class D's and SCPs'. Do not team with them, or let them live.
- MTF assist Researchers, always try to help them and get exp by escorting them (Type !escort and face them).
- MTF teams up with other MTF, listen to your commander

Class D
- Class D can team up with researchers, but can freely kill them. VICE VERSA
- Class D has to kill MTF, they can let SCPs through as they have no firepower.
- Class D's has to escape, not stay back and kill SCP's
- Class D can kill their own team but with valid reason such as, "He was hogging keycard, or he has weapon. or he's a total asshole".
- Class D has to work with their own team, do not close doors on them. You can, but don't you asshole.

Researchers / Medics
- Researchers have to escape, be escorted by a MTF guard for more points.
- Researchers can team up with Class D, but can kill them as well VICE VERSA.
- Researchers cannot kill MTF as they can be an asset to them.

Chaos Insurgenacy (CI)
- Kill all Site Staff(Researchers, MTF)
- Capture Class D
- Cannot kill their own fellow teammates

SCP ###
-Kill all normies, because they locked you up.

                                                                           ===General Rules=== 
1. Random Death Match is basically killing people wihtout a valid reason, don't do it.
2. Follow the team rules above us.
3. Don't be an asshole.
4. Racism, Offensive, Cruel jokes are allowed, as JOKES. NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS.
5. Do not advertise as we will ban them.
6. Do not use cheats, exploits and scripts to manipulate game experience.
7. Don't ask for staff, yes we are indeed looking for staff members but don't bother us with that topic.


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