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Name ~ Quake for Sven Co-op
.bsp filename(s): Co-op maps: q1_start, q1_e1m1, q1_e1m2, q1_e1m3, q1_e1m4, q1_e1m5, q1_e1m6, q1_e1m7, q1_e1m8; DM maps: q1_dm2, q1_dm4, q1_dm6
Link ~

So its been 3 months since the Quake map Series was released and I believe its stable enough for community use on servers. I have played the maps a few times on vanilla local host and all appears well after completing 3 Times so far.

I recommend uploading maps to our testing server and using current single player XPM settings for that we use on HL1 and they hunger.  For vanilla mode testing just host and play.

(Random notes and Ideas ) ~ Updating slowly ~ 

If players destroy this map series on Xpm servers with typical Sven co-op Mentality or speed running e.t.c then we could make an difficultly feature

" ModRiot mode "
Increase all enemies hp and damage By X%
Remove Player med-kit if possible
Set hp max limit of 200 ( max Hp item in-game allows 200) ~ Edited post thx Spare-chicken
Set Armor limit to 200 ( max armor item in-game allows 200) ~ ~

Also please add any script ideas and feed back.

If you set the max health to 200, why do you wanna remove the Medkit ?. I would limit the armor to 100 and Health to 200.
I played this map series with Trempler and especially when only 4 or less players are on the server its a huge pain in the ass without medkit.
In General i like the idea to add this map.

Ah Dang ..I was very tired when i made that post. . right so to correct the issue / post I was thinking of only was allowing hp / Armor to reach to a max limit of 200 as it standard default in game from items (ie 100-200)

I can also relate to problems and difficulty of 30 years in fact to old school games such a quake and doom this was the deal we had to face playing co-op man ... just your skills .. ability to survive, the games rules and dealing of more people on the floor.. Suck it up man back in our days we use to rocket jump up hills on way to school and back down them on the way home too .. Tongue Anyways the "Modriot Mode" is only idea for now .. with default setting we use in our XPM for H.L and T.H so role with those settings for now but ...

Just needs more time spent watching and playing with the community so we can get some feed back or ideas to improve upon.

I already loaded that map series to the test server and gave it a go with helmet. By default all the enemies are really weak, allowing players to just rush the entire map.